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Presidential Inauguration

Delegates Attending Inauguration

Welcome to our prestigious guests.

The Adelphi community is proud to welcome such prestigious guests to its Garden City campus on the occasion of the Inauguration of Christine M. Riordan, Ph.D., as the 10th president of the University:

Name (first) Name (last) Institution Institution
Date of Founding
Christopher A. Maher, Ph.D. College of William & Mary 1693
Eric Gebaide, J.D. Columbia University 1754
Timothy Collins Transylvania University 1780
Donald J. Hendler Franklin & Marshall College 1787
Larry Keith University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1789
Jonathan M. Jackson, Ph.D. Williams College 1793
David Peirez, J.D.   1794
Maureen Dobert Hartwick College 1797
Patrick Kennelly, Ph.D. Allegheny College 1815
Elizabeth T. Kelly Amherst College 1821
Cindy Maguire, Ph.D. New York University 1831
Jane Hollinshead Wittenberg University 1842
Elizabeth Romanelli Muhlenberg College 1848
Daniel Frankel Rhodes College 1848
David D’Amato Elmira College 1855
Jennifer Theiff Boston College 1863
Lynne DiStasio Wilson College 1869
Ann Louden Texas Christian University 1873
Jacquelyn C. Harvey, Ph.D. Duquesne University 1878
Polly Schmitz Whitman College 1882
Miki Kashiwagi Cottey College 1884
Brian Daughney, J.D. Clark University 1887
Robert Padala St. Leo University 1889
Mrinalini Lhila Randolph College 1891
Elizabeth S. Armetta College of Saint Elizabeth 1899
Philip Wachtler Skidmore College 1903
Jill Brown, Ph.D. Bentley University 1917
Warren Rosenberg, Ph.D. The College of Westchester 1915
Jacqueline Jones LaMon UCLA  1919
Lorna Bodian Sarah Lawrence College 1926
Victoria Shoaf, Ph.D. Peter J. Tobin College of Business, St. John’s University 1927 (1870)
Catherine Hennessy Hofstra University 1935
Kerry Walk, Ph.D. Marymount Manhattan College 1936
Joseph Posillico Caldwell University 1939
Vincent Calluzzo, Ph.D. Iona College 1940
Wendy Robinson Helene Fuld College of Nursing 1945
Anne McCall, Ph.D. Binghamton University, State University of New York at Binghamton 1946
Kathleen Murphy Alcock Le Moyne College 1946
Chrisann M. Newransky Brandeis University 1948
Bill Martinov, Ed.D. Mercy College 1950
Edward Guiliano. Ph.D. New York Institute of Technology 1955
Robert B. Catell Stony Brook University 1957
Thomas Dolan Nassau Community College 1959
Paul Beaudin, Ph.D. Suffolk County Community College 1959
Calvin O. Butts III, D.Min. SUNY College at Old Westbury 1965
James Mabry, Ph.D. Middlesex Community College 1970
Chris Whann, Ph.D. SUNY Empire State College 1971
Louis H. Primavera, Ph.D. Touro College School of Health Sciences 1972
Patricia Salkin, J.D. Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsburg Law Center 1980
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